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Women in Chemistry

Women in Chemistry

Established in September 2015, Women in Chemistry (Nigeria), a division of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, is a remarkable initiative dedicated to advancing the role and impact of female chemists in the country. With a passionate vision at its core, this group is committed to nurturing a supportive and dynamic community where female chemists can thrive both personally and professionally.

One of the primary objectives of Women in Chemistry (Nigeria) is to create a robust network of like-minded individuals within the field of chemistry. Through this network, members can share knowledge, exchange ideas, and build lasting connections, thereby strengthening the chemistry community in Nigeria. This network extends beyond geographical boundaries, transcending barriers to foster collaboration and cooperation amongst female chemists.

Another essential facet of this initiative is its dedication to mentorship. Women in Chemistry (Nigeria) understands the pivotal role mentorship plays in the development of aspiring chemists. By offering mentorship programs and opportunities for guidance and support, this division empowers young women pursuing careers in chemistry to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential. The mentorship aspect of the organization is a cornerstone in creating a nurturing environment that promotes excellence in the field.

Moreover, Women in Chemistry (Nigeria) is deeply committed to the idea that collaboration among female chemists is instrumental in driving meaningful progress within the chemical sciences. By facilitating collaborative projects, research initiatives, and knowledge-sharing endeavors, the organization seeks to enhance the impact and influence of female chemists in Nigeria and beyond. Through these collaborations, members can collectively tackle complex challenges and make significant contributions to the world of chemistry.


We are vibrant and transformative for female chemists in the Nigeria
We provide mentorship and promoting collaboration among women in chemistry
Propelling the profession to new heights while ensuring that the contributions of female chemists are recognized and celebrated.


  • CSN National Secretariat Abuja/Lokoja Road, Bako Village Gwagalada
  • +234-803-449-6201
  • coord_women.chem@chemsociety.org.ng


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