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Chemistry Competition

National Chemistry Competition

The National Chemistry Competition for Secondary Schools represents a pivotal and integral component within the annual calendar of events hosted by the Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) during its Annual International Conference, Workshop, and Exhibition. This competition serves as a flagship initiative, underscoring CSN’s commitment to the promotion of chemistry education and the cultivation of young talent within the field.

This prestigious competition is a cornerstone of CSN’s broader mission to advance the understanding and appreciation of chemistry among secondary school students nationwide. By organizing this event as part of their conference and exhibition, CSN creates a platform that not only highlights the significance of chemistry but also nurtures the budding curiosity and potential of students in the subject.

The competition is a showcase of academic excellence and scientific curiosity, drawing participation from secondary schools across the country. It features a series of challenging chemistry-related questions and problems designed to test the knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills of the young participants. Through this competition, CSN aims to identify and celebrate exceptional talents, inspiring them to pursue further studies and careers in chemistry.

Finally, the National Chemistry Competition aligns perfectly with CSN  broader objectives of promoting networking and collaboration within the chemistry community. It brings together students, teachers, researchers, and professionals in the field, fostering an environment where knowledge exchange and mentorship flourish. This convergence of individuals passionate about chemistry fuels innovation and provides a unique opportunity for participants to connect with mentors who can guide them on their academic and professional journeys.


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Our National Chemistry Competition Results and Awards are available for download