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CSN Campaign & Voter's Guidelines


*CSN Campaign & Voter's Guidelines*

1. All campaign will stop on 23/11/2020 by 12 midnight.

2. Vote casting will be done according to geopolitical zones.

3. Only up to date financial registered members will be allowed to vote.

4. The financial register will be used as the voter’s register to screen eligible voters

5. Each candidate will nominate two persons to serve as his/her agent

6. All eligible voters present during the election will be counted and given a number which will also be on their ballot paper that will be issued to them

7. Voters will be given the ballot papers for all the offices to tick their choice candidates and drop in the respective ballot boxes

8. Voters are allowed to tick only one candidate for each office. Any voter that ticks more than one candidate will be nullified.

9. There will be no election in any office that has unopposed candidate

10. After voting the ballot boxes will be sorted out and counted in the presence of the candidate’s agents

11. The results will be collated in the respective collation sheet.

12. Candidate with simple majority votes will be announced winner and return elected by the chairman of the electoral committee

13.Every other thing will be as specified in the electoral guidelines and in accordance with the constitutional provision.


*Prof. S.H.O. Egboh*
*2020 CSN Electoral Committee*

*Abdulrahman Umar PhD.*
*2020 CSN Electoral Committee*

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The Chemical Society of Nigeria (CSN) was founded in 1971. It is the umbrella body of all Chemists in Nigeria which, among other things, seeks to protect the professional interest of chemists as well as promote the propagation, study and practice of the science of chemistry in Nigeria.


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