Call for Papers

1. Intending participants who wish to present papers’ during technical or poster sessions should send their abstracts and full article to the technical sub-committee of the Local Organizing Committee through the following email: o r for oral and Poster Presentations respectively on or before Wednesday 12th April 2017.
a. Mandatorily, the titles of all papers should unambiguously reflect the contents of the paper and be in bold capital letters followed by name(s) and addresses of the author(s) including the e-mail address and phone numbers of the corresponding author for easy reach. The Address of the Place where the research was conducted should be given. Avoid the use of titles for Authors.
b. An Abstract of not more than two hundred and fifty (250) Words should be clear and concise and should give the scope, purpose, procedure, significant result and conclusions of the research work.
c. All diagrams, maps and figures should be in Coreldraw or other acceptable software. Tables and figures should be placed in the appropriate place within the text. Avoid grid lines.These must be prepared in such way to permit photo reproduction. The minimum character size must be 2.5. Where diagrams and graph are provided they should be incorporated into the manuscript. Structural formulae should carry Arabic numbers in the text and below the formula which should be drawn neatly within the typed manuscript.
d. Authors are requested to follow the nomenclature and abbreviation that are to be found in other reputable chemistry journals. Specialized terms, on usual abbreviations, trade names and semi-ambiguous term should be defined at first point of use.
e. Acknowledgment should be limited to a minimum. All assistance obtained in the form of finance as well as collection of data may be indicated.
f. All Reference cited in the text should bear the Arabic number subscript and listed serially at the end of the manuscript. References should be listed in a separate sheet. Follow the method of literature citation in most Chemistry journals e.g J.I. Okogun, T.O. Olagbemiro &A.I. Onuchukwu (1999), Title of paper, J, Chem, Soc. Nigeria 2, 59.
a. All submitted articles will be subjected to peer review on the basis of scientific merit, novelty, practical relevance and contribution to knowledge in Analytical, Physical, Inorganic, Polymer, Organic, Medicinal, Pharmaceutical, Natural Product Chemistry, Chemical Process Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Chemical Science Education. The status of all submitted articles shall be communicated to the corresponding authors on or before the close of business on Friday 28th April 2017.
b. The corrected version of all accepted articles should be typewritten in Microsoft Word (2007, 2010, 2013), double-spaced, Times New Roman, Front 12, on A4 size paper with a 30mm margin on all sides and are to be sent electronically to the email addresses above with evidence of conference registration.
c. The last date for the submission of all accepted and corrected full-length Papers for oral presentations would be Monday 5th June 2017 while for poster presentations would be Friday 30th June 2017. Full length papers not exceeding 5 pages (A4 double spaced) received on or before the deadlines shall be reviewed and printed in the conference book of proceedings subject to confirmed conference registration and payment of the sum of seven thousand five hundred naira (N7,5OO) only.
d. Articles submitted for presentation at the conference without evidence of conference registration and payment for the conference book of proceedings will be cancelled and removed from the programme and conference book of abstracts
Participants registering to attend this international conference and are interested in showcasing their work are invited to present their research during the poster session which will be held from Tuesday, 19th – Thursday,21st September 2017. This interactive session will provide the opportunity to view the range of research interests amongst participants as well as providing ample time to networking. Poster prizes will be available for the best posters presented.
Participants and Delegates will be split into small technical groups based on area of specialization to maximize learning opportunities and networking amongst speakers and delegates. This unique aspect of the conference will allow you to put into practice what you will learn via presentation and discussions with other participants.


Registration for CSN 40th International Conference is now Open.Places are reserved on a first come, first served basis, so please register early to guarantee your place

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