Eligible Candidates for CSN General Elections Kadacity 2017

Eligible Candidates for CSN General Elections Kadacity 2017

The list of eligible candidates for the CSN General Elections KADACITY 2017 is hereby displayed for perusal and scrutiny by CSN members. This list is, however, subject to double-check and verification by the CSN National Financial Secretary especially as it relates to candidates financial status.
Any change shall be communicated to members shortly. In the mean time, candidates are free to campaign.

Eligible Candidates for CSN General Elections Kadacity 2017
S/No Name Post Sought Rank (Academic/Industry) State Region CSN Membership
1 Prof. Sunday Olawale Okeniyi President Professor Kaduna Fellow
2 Prof. Pius Oziri Ukoha Vice President Professor Enugu Fellow
3 Chendo Moses Nkem Deputy Vice President Reader Anambra South-East Fellow
4 Shehu Ishiye Deputy Vice President Deputy Supervisor Zamfara North-West Fellow
5 Owoo Majek Okunola Deputy Vice President President / CEO Industry Lagos South-West Fellow
6 Dr. Alfred Ikpi Onen Deputy Vice President Associate Professor Adamawa North-East Fellow
7 Dr. Bab AbdullahiAlafara Deputy Vice President Associate Professor Kwara North-Central Fellow
8 Prof. Rufus Sha’Ato Deputy Vice President Professor Benue North-Central Fellow
9 Prof. Temi E. Akporhonor Deputy Vice President Professor Delta South-South Fellow
10 Dr. Edet William Nsi Deputy Vice President Associate Professor Akwa-Ibom South-South Fellow
11 Dr. Victor Obinna Njoku National Secretary Associate Professor Imo Fellow
12 Oisemaye Kehinde National Publicity Secretary Business Mgr Delta Fellow
13 Abdul M. Awwal National Membership Secretary Superintendent Kaduna Fellow
14 Dr. IsahYinusa National Assistant Secretary Senior Lecturer Kogi Fellow
15 Dr. Joseph E. Imanah National Financial Secretary Chief Lecturer Edo Fellow
16 Dr. Olufemi Olalekan Adeyemi National Treasurer Senior Lecturer Ogun Fellow

Prof SO Okeniyi
Post Sought-CSN President

Prof Pius O Okaha
Post Sought-Vice President

Dr MN Chendo
Post Sought-DVP SE

Alh Shehu Ishiye
Post Sought-DVP NW

OM Okunola
Post Sought-DVP SW

Dr Isah Yinusa
Post Sought-DVP NC

Prof Rufus Sha’Ato
Post Sought-DVP NC

Dr Alfred Onen
Post Sought-DVP NE

Prof Temi Akpohonor
Post Sought-DVP SS

Dr Victor O Njoku
Post Sought-National Secretary

Dr JE Imanah
Post Sought-National Finacial Secretary

Dr OO Adeyemi
National Treasurer


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